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Fast Mail Redirect Options Dialog

Allows the fast redirection of emails.

This extension was developed to help a postmaster to redirect false positives very easy, by automatically finding the original recipient (X-RPCT-TO) in the email-header.


Attention: You need to have MailRedirect by Pawel Krzesniak installed, otherwhise it would end in an installation error.

Below follows the download link:


This extension has the following features:

  • Forward any email by just two clicks
  • Choose up to 5 email-addresses of your own
  • Installation

    1. Install the extension MailRedirect by Pawel Krzesniak
    2. Install this extension FastMailRedirect
    3. Configure this extension FastMailRedirect
      • Checkbox "Enable / disable FastMailRedirect":
        Mark this checkbox to enable FastMailRedirect
      • Show status of this extension in statusbar:
        This is just a gimmick and would show you, if FastMailRedirect is enabled or disabled. Per default, this flag is not set.
      • Mail Address 1-5:
        Here, you can enter up to 5 email-addresses, which will be shown in the header view of Mozilla Thunderbird.
    4. Optional, select extended header view
      Mozilla Thunderbird -> View -> Headers -> All
    5. Open an email, redirect the mail
      by clicking on the appropriate email-address in the row "Redirect to: " in the header view. See also the image below for this point.


    The following todos are still on my list:

    • Installation: Check, if the extension MailRedirect by Pawel Krzesniak is installed. If not, then give a warning.
    • A true "one click redirect". Click on the e-mail address and send the message without any additional steps by the user.
    • automatic disposition of message. After clicking on the message, move the message to another mailbox.
    • one click by icon. These iconic representation of address instead of explicit address.
    • icons that can be placed on the top menu
    • add submenu items to the Mail Redirect menuitem on the Message menu
    • standard configuration set up. If this feature is deployed across an organization, it would be nice to give the administrators the ability to install a standard set of addresses automatically as part of the installation process. This could either be by rebuilding the xpi file with standard data or a separate configuration file.


    I would be pleased, if you gave me a feedback at my email-address . For example, I would like to hear about how I could improve my extension.

    FastMailRedirect in action

    In the image below, you see the header view of Mozilla Thunderbird. The row "Redirect to: " belongs to FastMailRedirect. Click on such an email-address, and the extension-view of MailRedirect by Pawel Krzesniak is opened and initialized with the email-address.

    FastMailRedirect in action


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